Discipline rules: Demo-defense (Shadow-Fights, Attack-Tests, Self-Defense), Safe-Point, MCA (Safe-Combat, Light-Combat, Free-Combat, Mix-Combat)


Rules MMA: Mix-Combat:


1. Technical action
1.1. Competitions in the section "Mix-Combat" provide duels of the fighters showing technical and tactical actions in full contact, both in a rack, and in orchestra seats with blows, painful and suffocating receptions.
1.2. Allowed actions:

  • punches, kicks, elbows, knees. Strikes are full contact to the head, torso, feet, except areas prohibited to attack;
  • throws;
  • carrying out painful and suffocating receptions, and also infringement of tendons or muscles;
  • in the stalls allowed at striking your head in your hands and torso, and elbows, knees and feet only in torso and legs.

1.3. Prohibited act:

  • blows to the neck and head;
  • blows to the joints and spine;
  • kicks in groin;
  • header;
  • throws on head;
  • any impact on the fingers, feet and wrists;
  • blows from the rack to the rival who is in orchestra seats an elbow, a foot or a knee in the head;
  • elbows to the head standing and on the ground is prohibited!
  • knee, foot or elbow strikes in the head when fighting in the stalls;
  • chokes with the fingers, pressure on eyes, effects on nostrils, lips, ears, fingers;
  • make throws and kicks after the "Stop" command»;
  • refuse to handshake with the opponent before the fight, as well as after the announcement of the result.
  • move the cap in the mouth or deliberately throw it away;
  • violation of moral and ethical standards of conduct.
The athlete, who spent the prohibited actions, but not the opponent who inflicted the injury, announced a warning and shown the yellow card. Depending on the situation, the referee may verbally warn the athlete has violated the rules without a yellow card.
The athlete who violated the rules, as a result of which his opponent was injured – is disqualified.
Athlete after 3 warnings they received will be disqualified.

2. Evaluation of technical actions.
2.1. Technical actions of fighters of the estimated lateral judges.
2.2. The fight can end "clean" victory of one of the athletes or the victory on points (unanimous decision or disagreement of the judges). In case of a draw result, depending on the tournament rules, an additional extra round may be appointed to identify the winner.
2.3. "Pure" victory is awarded for:

  • knockout of the contender;
  • actions that lead the opponent into a knockdown state, in which he can not

to fully protect themselves and to fight (no protective action);

  • perform painful or suffocating reception, forcing the opponent to surrender;
  • in case of disqualification of one of the athletes;
  • due to the inability or refusal to continue the fight by one of the athletes.

3. The procedure of scoring
for every punch, clearly and easily come down to goal - 1 point;
for circular punch roundhouse (backfist) come down to goal– 2 points;
-for each kick (the knee), clearly and freely come down to the head – 2 points;
for all legal kicks (knee) in the case or low-kick that reached the goal – 1 point (from the rack is allowed to attack the lying enemy only circular (mawashi) with the leg kicks on the legs and hull of the enemy).
3.2. THROWS:
- over throw - 1 point, after the throw the attacking athlete remains in a favorable position and has control over the enemy-1 + 1 point;
-for the throw with an amplitude (with a separation of legs – 2 points) after completing the throw, the attacking athlete remains in an advantageous position, having control over the enemy – 2+1 point.
3.3. STALLS:
The struggle in the stalls is limited by lack of technical actions for 10 seconds.
- fixation of advantageous position from above -1 point (3 sec.)
control knee to the body -1 point (3 sec.)
- controlling position on top of two knees "mounting" -2 points in total (3 sec.)
- control of the opponent in a position from below-the closed triangle (3 sec) – 1 point
- control the opponent in the position above - closed triangle (3 sec) - 2 points
In the stalls allowed punches to the body, the muscles of the legs and in the head. The elbows and knees only on the muscles of the legs and body.
every three strokes of the hand to the shoulder and with sufficient amplitude equals 1 point.
amplitude blow with a knee or elbow in the body – 1 point.
- punch clear off the enemy with body weight - 1 point.
- Verbal warning – 0 points (may be considered by the judges)
- 1 Warning – 1 point to opponent
-2 Warning – 2 points to the opponent
-3 Warning – 3 points to opponent (yellow card)
-4 Warning-disqualification (red card)


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